Facilities Systems Specialist(On Site)

American Family Insurance   Madison, WI   Full-time     Maintenance
Posted on January 24, 2023

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Primary Accountabilities
Coaching, Training and Quality Development Assistance (30%)

  • Assists management with the assessment of the skill levels of Facility Operations technicians and assists management with the development of training to identify needs. Participate in the performance assessment process.
  • Working under direction of management, provides both classroom and field training in response to individualized coaching and training.
  • Assists management and the Protection and Safety Department with the identification, development, and delivery of specific mechanical/electrical/plumbing safety training with respect to the proper operation of exiting, new, and/or upgraded mechanical/electric/plumbing equipment and systems. This includes lockout/ tagout and other Protection and Safety programs.
  • Organizes and conducts equipment/product evaluation testing with the goals to ensuring quality, compatibility, and serviceability of such commodities.
  • Conducts ongoing evaluation of the preventative maintenance program assessing maintenance schedules to ensure that premature failures are avoided and reliability expectations are maintained.
  • Develops, recommends, and evaluates process improvement strategies with respect to operations, maintenance techniques, schedules, and repair methodologies.

Service/Project Coordination and Building Automation System (30%)

  • May serve as the contact for overall project coordination at all facilities. Develops standard procedures for removing key equipment from service and is responsible for the coordination of shutting down systems/equipment components for the purpose of allowing vendors access to perform repairs/installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment.
  • Coordinates the provision of any temporary contractor/vendor required utilities (electrical/water). Reviews and field verifies the accuracy of all record drawings along with ensuring that required contractors provide operation/maintenance manuals and is responsible for the overall accuracy of record drawings relative to MEP system. Identifies, develops, and recommends needed projects in response to system efficiency, reliability, and safety.
  • At project completion, tests and verifies equipment/system reliability and performance.
  • Performs building automation system overrides and adjustments, system diagnostics, uploads/downloads of computer data relative to PC and BAS (Building Automation System) and maintains system security and access authorization of regional staff. Identifies and arranges for modifications that enhance the interface of staff to system.
  • Initiates and analyzes historical building automation trending information to perform diagnostics and takes corrective action(s) in response to environmental and customer expectations (lighting, humidification, and temperature control). Develops procedures to calibrate system sensors and output devices and completes building automation system hardware related calibration/adjustments.
  • Performs the installation and repair of low voltage building automation system hardware components and related software. Restores shedable loads and initiates peak load shaving through the energy management system during peak load conditions and lost energy loss. Monitors HVAC system and building management systems performance.

Electrical (10%)

  • Oversees the disconnects and reconnects existing electrically powered devices (such as motor or pumps) as part of mechanical repairs and/or operations. Effectively uses ladder diagrams and wiring schematics to identify failed components in electrical circuits also correctly interprets and applies data collected through testing equipment for the purpose of troubleshooting systems.
  • Oversees the load transfer from UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to live power in emergency or maintenance situations.
  • Provides site coordination and supervision of licensed electrical contractors with respect to new/added service installation, repair, maintenance contracts, and project management, mainframe and support equipment, PDU (Power Distribution Unit), Data power, and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
  • Diagnoses and troubleshoots changing systems, drawing and preparing samples of oil and coolant for lab testing to ensure integrity and generator reliability.
  • Directs the opening and closing tie breaker on substation or switchgear to redirect power from one transfer to another in case of component failure/malfunction. Maintains a current knowledge of local power distribution circuitry and emergency transfer switchgear.
  • Develops diagnostic procedures for variable frequency drives that give technicians the ability to perform basic adjustments and differentiate simple repair task from those requiring a factory service technician.
  • Performs peak shave generator operations for weekly testing of generators or lowering KW input from utilities.
  • Handles generators system for power outages. Restores electrical loads as needed.

Operation/Preventative Maintenance (10%)

  • Evaluates and audits the preventative maintenance systems on both a scheduled and random basis to ensure that proper frequency and follow-up measures are applied to all mechanical/electrical /plumbing equipment. Organizes/designs preventative maintenance systems and procedures based on manufacturer`s recommendations and experience.
  • Recommends and evaluates preventative and maintenance System for tasks and frequency of inspections.
  • Coordinates advanced operational repairs and preventative maintenance task for critical mechanical/electrical/plumbing equipment.
  • Maintains familiarity with the architecture of the building management system, including inter-relationships of individual control programs specific locations within the software of advanced functionality and diagnostics.
  • Articulates specific changes in program logic to reduce energy cost and increase system efficiency or prolong equipment life. Recognizes equipment performance outside of acceptable parameters, rapidly formulates alternative schemes using redundancy options to ensure reliability of systems and in emergencies, modifies the configuration of primary plant equipment to ensure that vital company systems remain on-line.
  • Keeps current on all system redundancy options and how to implement each option. Recommends improved redundancy schemes based on understanding of systems and the operating characteristics of individual pieces of equipment.

Heating and Cooling Systems (5%)

  • Develops written procedures for basic troubleshooting of air conditioning primary equipment; e.g., chillers, controls, and primary chilled water circuits.
  • Develops written procedures to evacuate, recharge, and reclaim refrigerants that are in compliance with local, state, and national laws.
  • Possesses a detailed knowledge of piping, valves, and pump configurations of chilled water and condenser water systems makes load management decisions based on chiller capacities in response to environment and emergency conditions. Modifies chiller water flow/routing in response to cooling demand.
  • Inspects boilers for proper operation. Modifies and communicates procedures to address any deficiencies in boiler operation.
  • Develops water chemistry standards to ensure long life and dependable service from condensate and feed water systems. Evaluates effects of chemical treatment procedures, modifies and communicates procedures to address any deficiencies in chemical treatment procedures.
  • Performs adjustments, installations, and repairs to pumps and filters and coordinates repairs to valves, pressure relief, and regulators and converts boiler between alternative fuel sources in response in energy management and demands also monitors fuel level and usage and coordinates refueling, when necessary.

Air Distribution and Air/Pneumatic Systems (5%)

  • Performs advanced troubleshooting on AHU Systems (equipment) to ensure proper actuator to damper sequencing, coil discharge temperature, and humidification.
  • Develops troubleshooting procedures for air compressor, regulators, and components for Building Automation System pneumatic control and utility air usage.

Plumbing and Kitchen Equipment (5%)

  • Performs installation/repairs of plumbing systems and equipment.
  • Provides site coordination and supervision of contractors with respect to new/add service installations, repair, maintenance control, and project management of plumbing and kitchen equipment.
  • Files current backflow testing certificates with state jurisdictions and keeps testing certificates up to date for all backflow devices.
  • Develops written procedures for troubleshooting of commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Develops written procedures to secure and reactivate kitchen related fire suppression systems (dry and wet).

Life Safety System and Records and Inventory Management (5%)

  • Ensures that all insurance carriers recommendations are investigated.
  • Develops and helps Protection and Safety maintain the Lockout/tagout Procedure program.
  • Oversees, repairs, and adjusts security hardware components such as latching/locks devices. Tests fire pump, kitchen hood suppression systems including deluge valve systems, and records system pressures and engine performance.
  • Insures emergency repairs are completed in response to alarm or emergency conditions to minimize necessary damage to facility and completes daily performance checks of computer room.
  • Reviews and maintains appropriate operational procedures and inventory. Recommends procedure changes to management.
  • Ensures that all commissioning and record drawing documentation is maintained.
  • Reviews all documentation of all OSHA, MSDS sheets, hazardous waste (EPA), and Department of Natural Resources compliance requirements.